Hearing Instrument Warranty

Hearing Instrument Warranty Summary:

Included in the purchase price of an America Hears hearing aid is a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty (Acoustic tube included in initial warranty). This covers internal components of the hearing instrument. Any malfunctions of the parts of the hearing aid, not related to the misuse of the product, are covered. It does not cover the loss of an instrument or aids that are damaged beyond repair (i.e. an aid that would require all new internal components to repair). Additional Extended Repair Warranties are only available on the hearing instrument up to a maximum of 4 years coverage and are not applicable to Personal Sound Amplification Products or Acoustic tube.

Hearing Instrument Warranty Statement:

America Hears Hearing Aid warranties cover defects in workmanship and materials as well as repairs due to fit and/or function that occur during the normal use of the instruments.

The warranty does not apply to hearing aids that have been damaged or abused, intentionally or unintentionally and it does not cover the loss of an instrument. Excessive damage includes, but is not limited to: Hearing instruments that have been physically damaged, crushed (stepped on or run over), hearing instruments that a pet has chewed, hearing instruments that have been over exposed to moisture (worn in shower, pool, laundered, long exposure to high humidity areas), a hearing instrument that has been overexposed to heat (stored in glove compartment of car, dried in a microwave or oven), and hearing instruments damaged in shipping.

Tampering with and/or altering the hearing aid will void the warranty. America Hears shall at its sole discretion, determine if a hearing instrument is damaged beyond repair and therefore not covered under the standard repair warranty. This warranty does not cover the replacement of acoustic tubes or ear tips.

Loss and Damage Coverage Statement:
America Hears does not warranty hearing instruments that are lost or damaged beyond repair unless a Loss and Damage policy was included at the time of instrument sale. When purchased, this policy covers a full replacement of the one covered hearing aid and one tube (if applicable) that has been lost or damaged beyond repair. This policy is limited to one replacement per covered hearing aid and tube during the term of the policy. Warranty date from original sale does not change for the replacement aid. There is a $200 claim fee for the policy deductible at the time of the claim per hearing aid. Replacement aids are provided by the manufacture and cannot be delivered immediately from inventory. There is up to a 14 business day waiting period for processing and shipping. If the original hearing instruments are found they are the property of America Hears and must be returned. If the original hearing aids are brought into an America Hears Hearing location after replacement hearing aids have been issued, they are returned to the manufacturer.

Additional Warranties
Additional Repair Warranty may be purchased to extend your coverage past the initial one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty included with hearing aid.

1 Year Warranty Included with Purchase

One Additional Year Warranty (2 Total Years): $ 99.95
Two Additional Years Warranty (3 Total Years): $149.95
Three Additional Years Warranty (4 Total Years): $199.95

Out of Warranty Repair $250.00 per repair instance

Loss and Damage Coverage
2 Years of Loss and Damage Coverage $199.95 with a deductible of $200