America Hears®, a Lucid Hearing® company, is a manufacturer of hearing aids powered by Lucid Technology. Our mission is simple, “helping people hear better,” our vision is world changing “to lower the cost of hearing healthcare for the world.”

America Hears has taken our mission and vision to the next level. Since we are the manufacturer, making our hearing devices direct from our factory, we can offer hearing aids at an incredible prices and we can do that in the most convenient way possible, from the comfort of your home or any where in the world.

This mission and vision are not taken lightly; our owner Tim Schnell shares this passion personally, especially since he suffers from hearing loss! Lucid Hearing was founded from his passion. He understands what the patient is experiencing and truly wants nothing more than the opportunity for that patient to hear better again. Through his hearing loss and frustration of hearing solutions not working, he formed our company. We always put our patients first, no matter what. At America Hears, you have direct access to a licensed hearing professional that aims for 100% patient satisfaction.

Our co-owner and co-founder of Lucid Technology Henry Smith opened America Hears 20+ years ago. His mission and vision were very similar at that time, making hearing healthcare affordable and convenient with the most advanced technology available in the industry.
Henry, who also suffered from hearing loss, has devoted his life to helping people hear better. In 1975, Henry began working with the School of the Deaf in Philadelphia. Henry still works directly with patients, our licensed hearing professionals, and engineers to ensure we meet every patient’s expectations.

With six America Hears Hearing Solution Centers in the U.S., and the most advanced online hearing platform available in the market today. America Hears offers convenience that can only happen from a factory-direct company with a mission and values like America Hears powered by Lucid ®.

  • We offer a free online hearing assessment that will determine your level of impairment
  • Our licensed audiologists and hearing instrument specialist will take your assessment and program your hearing aids to your impairment
  • After your personalized program is loaded to your hearing aids we then ship them directly to your home or any where in the world
  • Once they arrive we schedule a covenant time for an initial consultation to insure proper fit and answer all your questions

The true aspect that differentiates us from every other hearing aid company is we have proprietary software and hardware that allows you to make your own adjustments or allow one of our licensed audiologists or hearing instrument specialist to make adjustments, real time. Just like visiting clinic or office but from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.  Adjust it yourself, online with real-time adjustments, and our locations around the country. This is the most convenient hearing solution option available on the planet.

On top of that, all of our products are designed, engineered, and serviced in America.