Affordable Monthly Payments

America Hears recommends financing your hearing instrument purchases with Allegro Credit through their AllWell financing program. Allegro Credit offers affordable financing plans for healthcare needs with its 24, 36 and 48 month plans with fixed APR throughout the life of the loan.

With flexible payment plans through Allegro Credit, there is no cost to apply, no prepayment penalties and no hidden fees. Also, AllWell is installment financing which means unlikely with revolving credit cards, your interest rate is fixed and the loan closes automatically when paid-in-full.

Learn more about Allegro Credit and their dedication to honest lending and world-class customer support here.

Finance Program Features

  • Affordable Monthly Payments – 24-, 36- & 48-month plans
  • Fixed APR and terms throughout the life of your loan
  • No prepayment fee
  • Live customer service 7 days a week

Why Allegro Credit

For over 50 years, Allegro Credit has been serving its customers by providing customer friendly finance products with fixed APRs and terms.

Enjoy low monthly payments with flexible payment options specifically designed to easily fit your budget. And your personal information is always kept entirely confidential.

What Customers Say

Thank you so much for your help! I’ve never encountered such wonderful customer service in my lifetime! People like you just don’t exist any longer”.
-Valerie, Allegro Customer

“Your approach of courtesy and understanding is the best and most effective approach. Most important, it is the moral approach. Giving people hope instead of making them feel worthless is effective and important and I always appreciated that you took the moral approach, the high ground, in our dealings and communications. I wish you all the best.”
-Mike, Allegro Customer

The Allegro Difference

NO SURPRISES – fixed APRs and terms
LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE – available seven days a week
INSTALLMENT NOT REVOLVING FINANCING – better for your credit score
FLEXIBLE – payment options to fit your budget

Get started with the best technology for as low as $16.82/month.