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Freedom 64

The Freedom 64 is our most popular Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aid. With its discreet design and Lucid sound processing this aid will accommodate a mild to severe loss, making it one of the most versatile hearing aids on the market today. With 64 Channels and four situational programs as well as manual volume control the Freedom 64 gives you control over your hearing experience in a multitude of listening environments.

For moderate to severe hearing loss
Discreet design
Easy to use volume control

100% money back guarantee
Includes 3 year warranty and 2 years Loss/Damage click here to learn more
Financing Available click here to learn more

Data Logging
Extended Range Receiver For More Severe Hearing Losses
Acclimation Manager
Environmental Noise Reduction
Wind Noise Suppression
Adjustable Volume Control
Dynamic Directional Microphones
Low Level Noise Reduction
Sudden Impulse Noise Reduction
Data Logging
Liquid Repelling Nano Coating
Fast Acting Feedback Suppressor
Voice Prompts
Low Battery Indicator

Technical Specifications
Speaker-In-The-Ear design
100% Digital Circuitry
ADRO™ Sound Processing
64 Channels
4 programs
312 Battery Size
Available Colors: Beige, Grey, Dark Brown