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Freedom CIC
$1499.99 32 Channels
$1799.99 64 Channels

The Freedom CIC (Completely-In-The-Canal) is the smallest custom made hearing instrument available and cosmetically the most desirable of the custom ITE hearing instruments. It fits deeply in the ear canal and, like the Freedom RITE’s, is virtually invisible. Because of its diminutive size, a pull string is attached to assist with its removal.

For moderate to severe hearing loss
Discreet design
Automatic volume control

100% money back guarantee
Includes 3 year warranty and 2 years Loss/Damage click here to learn more
Financing Available click here to learn more

Custom ear mold required.
Call 800-492-4515 for purchase details

Features 32 and 64 Channel
Omni Directional Microphone
Enhanced Speech in Noise
Low Level Noise Reduction
Environmental Noise Reduction
DFBC++ Feedback Suppression
Data Logging Module
Low Battery Indicator
Magnetic Program Selection Wand
Automatic Volume Control
Wind Noise Reduction

Features 64 Channel Only
Impulse Noise Suppression
Acclimation Manager
Voice Prompts
SIN+ v1

Technical Specifications
In-The-Ear Style
Available in 32 or 64 Channel
ADRO™ Sound Processing
4 programs
10A Battery Size