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Your Very Own Hearing Specialist

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100% Happy or Your Money Back

At America Hears, we aren’t happy until our customers are hearing clearly again. We understand that hearing loss is difficult and that choosing the perfect hearing solution to match your loss is overwhelming. At America Hears, we know the specific keys to hearing better: fit and function. That’s why we commit to you a Partnership to Better Hearing with our “90 Day With You All The Way Customer Promise.”

This is far more than a guarantee, although our warranty is also the best in the business. Our Customer Promise is a partnership. Together, we discuss and discover exactly how to set up your hearing amplification to best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Ongoing collaboration, unlimited adjustments, and a full range of hearing solutions to choose from to meet your needs. For 90 days, we will be with you all the way. And for all the days that follow, you’ll be enjoying clear hearing, more lively conversations, the sounds of nature, beautiful music and more. At America Hears, We’re Here for You.

Your Very Own Hearing Specialist

Call us anytime Monday thru Friday business hours and we will help with questions, concerns, and adjustments. Factors such as weather, listening environment, and health all affect our hearing. Know you have a Certified Hearing Specialist committed to helping you Hear Happy.

Unlimited Support for Life

As long as you are enjoying your America Hears Hearing Aids, We’re Here for You. Only at America Hears do you have Unlimited Support for Life. We can help with tips on cleaning your aid, help you make minor adjustments and keep you hearing clearly every day.

Customization and Adjustments from Your Own Home

At Home Adjustments is one of the things our Customers love most about America Hears. With the purchase of a Programming Box (only $99 with the purchase of a hearing aid), you can adjust your aid on your own or with the help of your America Hears Hearing Specialist. Many places require you to mail your hearing aid back in. With America Hears you avoid the hassles and most importantly you are never without your hearing aids you’ve come to love.

100% Happy or Your Money Back

This is a partnership to better hearing. We are confident that together we’ll help you enjoy conversations, beautiful music, the sounds of nature and more. And if after 90 days you are not 100% Happy, return your aids for a full refund.

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