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Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs) & Hearing Enhancers

When you are not quite ready for a hearing aid but do need hearing enhancement, America Hears has the solution for you. Our Personal Sound Amplifiers & Hearing Enhancers offer you the ability to hear better at an outstanding value. The AH PSAP Plus and the AH PSAP Pro have distinct features that enhance sounds so you can hear more clearly in situations when you need a bit of volume boost.

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    PSAP PRO Hearing Enhancer

    $250.00 Per

    • Four Listening Modes adjust to a variety of listening environments
    • Nearly invisible Behind-the-Ear design
    • Powered by Lucid™ smart technology

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    Payments as low as $16.82*


    PSAP Plus Hearing Enhancer

    $99.95 Per

    • Two Listening Modes
    • Adjustable Frequency Tuning feature adjusts bass and treble
    • Powered by Lucid™ smart technology

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    “I must have called my specialist ten times and he always seems happy to help me. It takes some patience to get the hearing aid exactly right… now it feels great.”

    Carol, Georgetown


    “My wife and I both have hearing aids from America Hears. We like it that we can make adjustments from home. Before the holidays we talked with our specialist and got them perfect. We didn’t want to miss anything our three grandkids had to say!”

    Joey, Pittsburgh


    “I didn’t even know if I needed a hearing aid, so my specialist said to start with the AH Pro personal sound amplifier. I love it. I have no idea why I waited so long.”

    Jose, Longview


    “My advice? Be patient. Don’t be afraid to call your specialist, even for small things. Take advantage of being able to adjust your aid at home. And wear it every day. Soon you will feel like a part of you is missing without it!”

    Peggy, Clearwater


    “My wife finally admitted I’d been screaming - even in public. When you can’t hear others, I guess you can’t hear yourself either. I got the 16-channel. It feels great to have a conversation without saying ‘what?’ all the time. My wife is quite happy too.”

    Wallace, Tulsa

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