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Personal Sound Amplifiers

When you are not quite ready for a hearing aid but do need hearing enhancement, America Hears has the solution for you. Our Hearing Enhancers offer you the ability to hear better at an outstanding value. The AH PSAP Plus and the AH PSAP Pro have distinct features that enhance sounds so you can hear more clearly in situations when you need a bit of volume boost.

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    PSAP PRO Hearing Enhancer


    • Four Listening Modes adjust to a variety of listening environments
    • Nearly invisible Behind-the-Ear design
    • Powered by Lucid™ smart technology

    $299.00 Per Ear

    Payments as low as $20.19*

    *per month for 36 months

    PSAP PRO Hearing Enhancer

    PSAP Plus Hearing Enhancer


    • Two Listening Modes
    • Adjustable Frequency Tuning feature adjusts bass and treble
    • Powered by Lucid™ smart technology

    $199.00 Per Ear

    PSAP Personal Sound Amplification Product

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Hearing Aid Home Customization

Your America Hears Specialist will work with you to program your hearing aid from the comfort of your own home. It will arrive set to match your audiogram and together you can adjust it for an even more custom fit. Any time you feel you may need an adjustment, we are here for you. Just call and together we can make the adjustments you need.

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