AH Rechargeable Charging Unit w/Batteries


America Hears is taking convenience to the next level with the introduction of our AH Rechargeable Charging Unit!

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable charging unit
  • 18 Hours of battery life
  • Works with Denali, Mojave, and Baja and backwards compatible with the AH Advanced Wireless (aka 96 channel)

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INTRODUCING AH Rechargeable Charging Unit

The AH Rechargeable unit takes your hearing aid to the next level of convenience with 18 hours of battery life and no more need to change our purchase batteries.  The lithium-ion battery takes you through a full day of hearing better and streaming from your made for iPhone® hearing aids.  The charging unit allows for up to three full charges to your hearing aids before it needs to be recharged.

We continue to build on the convenience of our vision making hearing healthcare more affordable in the most convenient way possible!

Compatible with  all our current models AH Denali, Mojave, or Baja and backwards compatible with the AH Advanced Wireless (aka 96 channel) (requires a battery replacement tool included on your kit).

Additional information
Hearing Aid Colors

Beige, Black, Brown, Gray, Pearl White

Product Features

Wireless charging (Resonant inductive charging) Easy to use
Convenient, portable charging case
Up to 28 hours of battery life (non-MFI)
Up to 18 hours of battery life (MFI)
Compatible with all U-series and 96WL hearing aids

Product Spec Sheet: Hearing-Aid-SS_r2

What's Included

  • Charging unit
  • Battery module (avalible in 5 colors)
  • Tool to change the battery door
  • Instruction manual

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