America Hears Custom Hearing Aid Pair

America Hears Custom Hearing Aid Pair


The only complete at home custom hearing aid option available. 

Complete from hearing assessment > impression kit > programming > remote adjustments!

  • 64 Channel Processor
  • Dynamic Feedback Canceller
  • Enhanced Speech in Noise

2 Year Warranty, 2 Year Loss and Damage


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The America Hears Custom Hearing Aid with Powered by Lucid® Smart technology is the most sophisticated and advanced hearing health care sound processing available in a custom hearing aid. The Custom Hearing Aid is 100% manufactured, engineered, and designed in the USA by the most skilled individuals in the industry.

We accept ear impressions from a professional or will send you a kit where you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning and printing allows us to build a custom hearing aid perfectly molded to your ear with unmatched comfort and accuracy. We have a full range of custom sizes that we can offer based on the severity of your hearing loss, shape of your ear canal, and your size preferences

Product Manual: Custom 64

2 year Warranty & Loss and Damage included in the purchase price

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Hearing Aid Colors

Beige, Brown

Hearing Aid Style

Canal, Completely-In-Canal, Full Shell, Half Shell, Micro Canal

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