America Hears Mojave Single


32 channels of clarity
Made for iPhone streaming (all sound and calls)

Bluetooth LE – the most advanced Bluetooth technology available

Included: 2 year Repair Warranty

Included: 2 year Loss and Damage Policy



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The Mojave delivers superior clarity to any listening experience. It comes equipped with Powered by Lucid® sound processing technology to provide users with a total of 32 channels in their hearing device that allows the most crystal-clear sounding and highly-adaptive hearing offered on today’s market. With unmatched control, comfort and personalization, we are able to produce the best listening experience catered just for you from the convenience of your own space.

The Mojave is designed to fit most hearing losses from mild hearing loss to the most severe hearing loss.

Product Manual: America_Hears_U56
Made for iPhone Quick Start Guide: MFI Quickstart Guide

2 year Warranty & Loss and Damage included in the purchase price

Additional information
Hearing Aid Colors

Beige, Black, Brown, Gray, Pearl White

Product Features

• 32 channels SIE/RIC
• 4 programs
• Digital learning volume control
• Dynamic feedback cancelled
• Enhanced speech in noise
• Environmental noise reduction
• Sudden impulse noise suppression
• Liquid repelling Nano coating
• Low battery indicator
• Data logging
• Dynamic directional microphone
• Bluetooth LE (the most advanced Bluetooth technology avalible)
• Wind and environmental noise suppression
• Low level noise suppression
• Voice prompts
• Made for iPhone accessibility functionality
• Made for iPhone streaming (all sound from the iPhone to the hearing aid)
• Made for iPhone Live Listen (remote mic through iPhone)

What's Included

  • Speaker-in-the-Ear Receiver
  • 40 Pack size #13 Battery
  • Travel Case
  • Wax Stops
  • Choice of ear tip: 4 Pack(small vented, medium vented, large vented or occluded)
  • Cleaning tool brush
  • Dry Aid Jar
  • User Instruction Manual
  • 2 year Repair Warranty
  • 2 year Loss and Damage Policy

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