Single Custom Hearing Aid Ear Molds – Hearing Aid ONLY


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Customize your own ear plugs for high quality, long lasting, comfortable with your hearing aids or for hearing protection. An imprint of your ears is captured and scanned our graphic. Once a perfect fit for your ear is found, ear molds are created with that imprint from a 3D printer



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Additional information

Blue, Clear (not avalible in floatable), Dark Green (not avalible in floatable), Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Skin Tone (not avalible in floatable), Swirl (select up to 3 colors and put them in the comments at checkout), Yellow, Beige, Brown (not avalible in floatable), White, Gray (not avalible in floatable), Black

Mold Type

BTE Standard, Lucid Hearing SIE Device, Thin Acostic Tube (TAT) Mold for PSAP/Hearing Aid

Mold Styles - Hearing Aid

Canal, Canal Tip, Canel with Lock, Half Shell, Lab Selection, Shell, Skeleton

Mold Material Options

Acrylic Hard, Lab Selection, Silicone Medium/Soft 70dr, Silicone Soft 40dr

Removal Handle

Handle, None


Intials (only avalible on certain materials), Left/Right Markings, None

Product Features

Possible causes of feedback:

  • Hearing aid fit/seatingWhen a custom hearing aid or the earmold or dome does not create a proper seal within the ear canal, sound may be able to leak out and become re-amplified.

Other times, the receiver may be misaligned with the path of the ear canal, causing the sound to hit the wall of the ear canal.

  • EarwaxEarwax can also create a potential for feedback. If the sound is unable to effectively travel to the eardrum because it’s blocked by earwax, it may bounce off the earwax and be re-amplified. It is important to have regular earwax management in place if one is prone to wax build-up when using amplification.


What's Included

Single Mold

1 year warranty on workmanship and material
3 month warranty of comfort and/or fit

At Home Impresion Kit  (if you have your own ear mold (preferred) or have a local hearing center that will take your ear impression (preferred) this kit is not needed)

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