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Factory Certified Renewed AH 32 Channel Hearing Aid

$999.00 $599.00

Payments as low as $14.25*

$18.65 36 month subsription model or $14.25 48 monthly installments


  • 32 channel digital processing and 4 progams bring you exceptional clarity
  • Fits Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss
  • Powered by Lucid™ smart technology
  • Most Popular Speaker-In-The-Ear Design


The Factory Certified Renewed AH 32 Channel Hearing Aid has been restored to the manufactured specification and included a 1 years warranty.

This is our most popular Speaker-In-The-Ear hearing aid design featuring Powered by Lucid™ smart technology. Its 32 channel digital processing and four program settings provide outstanding sound clarity.
Low-Level Noise Suppression and Sudden Impulse Noise Suppression make these 32 channel hearing aids the perfect hearing aids in almost every environment.

Product Features

• 32 Channels
• Dynamic Directional Microphone
• Digital processing and 4 programs
• Digital, Learning Volume Control
• Wind and Environmental Noise Suppression
• Low Battery Indicator
• Low-Level Noise Suppression
• Sudden Impulse Noise Suppression
• Enhanced Speech in Noise
• Programmable Telecoil
• Dynamic Feedback Canceller
• Adjustable Volume Control
• Liquid Repelling Nano Coating
• Low Battery Indicator
• Voice Prompts
• Uses #312 Battery
• Available colors: Beige

What's Included

• Speaker-in-the-Ear Tube
• 40 Pack size #312 Battery
• Travel Case
• Wax Stops
• Choice of ear tip: 4 Pack(small, medium, large or occluded)
• Cleaning tool brush
• Drying Jar
• User Instruction Manual
• One year manufacturer warranty

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