Ultra-Violet Hearing Aid and PSAP Sanitizer Dryer

$59.95 $39.95

  • High intensity UV illumination kills surface bacteria and viruses efficiently
  • Dry and dehumidify with thermostat controls from 40C – 50C
  • Three cleaning and sanitizing settings



Introducing the Lucid Audio UV Hearing Aid and PSAP Sanitizer Dryer

With its high intensity, ultra-violet light sterilization and crystal arrayed heating systems, sanitizing AND drying your devices has been made easier. The Sanitizer Dryer has a compact design, travels easily, and is powerful enough to sterilize your instruments in just 15 minutes! Cleaning and drying your hearing devices on a routine basis will help prevent moisture problems and potential costly repairs. The Sanitizer Dryer is easy to operate, convenient, and environmentally friendly. It even has a built-in battery tester so you are always getting the optimal performance from your hearing devices.

Product Features

  • Array of crystal heating points provides unit with balanced heat
  • Drying environment restrains bacteria growth during constant heating
  • Battery Tester indicates battery status in three levels to help avoid dangerous leakage
  • No side-effects such as pollution or damage to devices
  • Two devices of any style fit easily
  • Dries earwax for easier removal
  • Automatic shut-off at 80C protects from overheating
  • Great for removing harmful moisture and maintaining optimal performance
  • Easy to operate, convenient and safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Includes USB cord and power plug with European adapter

What's Included

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