Custom EarPlug w/ At Home Impression Kit (Swim, Surf, Sound, Communication, Headphone)


Key Features
Ear plug customized to fit perfectly in your ear
Handcrafted by master technicians
Extremely durable
Wide range of colors available
Long life with proper care
Hypoallergenic materials available
Choose with or without discrete handles, and with or without cord
All custom mold products are warranted for comfort, fit and feedback for 90 days




Customize your very own ear plug with our highly skilled team of crafters. An imprint is taken and tested to digitally fit in your ear. A 3D printer then produces the quantity you order.

Check out our catalog to find the type of mold you are looking for!

How it Works:

Step 1 – Select the item and place your order
Step 2 – We send you an at home impression kit
Note: If you already have an impression or only require one mold please contact us at
Step 3 – You take your impressions with the at home kit (follow the detailed instruction included in your kit)
Step 4 – Mail your impression with the included shipping label and the order notifications you were emailed after placing your order.

Step 5 – We build your mold and ship back within 7-10 business days upon arrival of your ear impression.

Ship to address:
America Hears
806 Beaver St.
Bristol, PA 19007

Attn: Earmold Lab

Please call us at (800) 492-4515 or email us at with your questions.


Additional information
Weight N/A

Blue, Clear (not avalible in floatable), Dark Green (not avalible in floatable), Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Skin Tone (not avalible in floatable), Swirl (select up to 3 colors and put them in the comments at checkout), Yellow, Beige, Brown (not avalible in floatable), White, Gray (not avalible in floatable), Black

Mold Type

AirPod EarPlug (gen 1 or 2), Communication Ear Mold, Etymotic ER Series Headphones EarPlug, Future Sonic G10, Lucid Audio Neckband, Pilot/Boom Mold, SafTEar EarBuds, Sleep EarPlug, Sound EarPlug, Stethoscope Mold, Swim/Surf EarPlug, Thin Acostic Tube (TAT) Mold for PSAP/Hearing Aid

Mold Material Options

Lab Selection, Silicone Floatable (Swim EarPlug only), Silicone Medium/Soft 70dr, Silicone Soft 40dr

Removal Handle

Connecting Cord, Handle, None


Intials (only avalible on certain materials), Left/Right Markings, None

At Home Impression Kit

I do NOT need an at home impression kit, I need an at home impression kit

Product Features

For use with hearing aids, ear pods/AirPods, in-ear headphones, swimming ear molds, sleeping ear molds. The key to a high quality comfort fitting ear mold is a great impression. If an impression does not meet our standards or guidelines we will not be able to make the mold your are looking for. Our number one priortity it quality and fit!

What's Included

EarPlug Pair
1 year warranty on workmanship and material
3 month warranty of comfort and/or fit
At Home Impression Kit

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